Key Stage 3 Homework Policy

As part of The Durham Federation’s continuing goal to promote independent learning and to enable students to achieve the very best at GCSE, a new Homework Policy was introduced to all KS3 students in September 2016.

Homework is a vital part of the school curriculum as it gives students necessary practice in thinking, writing, comprehension and problem-solving. It also allows students to become responsible and independent learners; a vital skill for students to achieve their future ambitions.

Homework is given to students in Year 7, 8 using a two-week timetable. Students will either have to complete Core Homework tasks (set by English, Maths, Science and MFL) or a short project by subjects including Humanities, Technology, Music, Art, PE, Computer Science and RS. Their timetable will detail what homework is shared on the school website.

Students are expected to spend approximately five hours per week on each of the projects. The time to complete Core Homework tasks will be stipulated by the class teacher. The Class Teacher will provide detailed feedback to every student within two weeks.

Completing project-based homework for non-core subjects will allow students to become more engaged with their lessons and explore deeper learning.

Students will only have one project at a time and they will always be set on a Monday (unless it is core week). Projects are accessible through the college website (www.durhamfederation.net) and students must hand in their completed homework to student reception on the following Monday unless it is electronic, in which case in should be shared with student.reception@durhamfederation.net stating their name, Tutor group and school. Reception will then print this for the class teacher. If any student has a problem handing this in on time they should go to student reception on the hand in day and explain their issue.

If students do not hand in on time, parents/carers will be contacted. If students fail to hand in their homework they will receive a behaviour point and on the third occasion, they will be issued with a Federation Lunchtime Detention in APEX. Rewards will be given to students who complete their projects to a high standard and hand them in on time; they will be praised in assemblies regularly as well as receiving achievement points for their effort.

To support students even further with their homework tasks, parental homework support group will be offered once a half term.

Autumn Term 2 2017-2018 : Please see below for the organisation of Projects.

Year Group Year 7 Year 8
Week 2 – 30.10.2017 CREATIVE CORE
Week 1 – 6.11.2017 CORE RS
Week 2 – 13.11.2017 GEOGRAPHY CORE
Week 1 – 20.11.2017 CORE CREATIVE
Week 2 – 27.11.2017 HISTORY CORE
Week 1 – 4.12.2017 CORE PE
Week 2 – 11.12.2017 CREATIVE CORE

Key Stage 4 Homework

In years 9-11, students at Durham Federation are undertaking GCSE courses. Homework will be set weekly in all subjects and will take a number of forms. This may be revision of a topic, preparation for the next lesson or an extension of class work.
Homework will be recorded in the student planner with an outline of the task and a hand in date. This will help students to organise their time and for parents to monitor it’s completion.
Homework will be assessed by the class teacher and feedback shared with students.