And so the regular Staff Futsal season drew to it’s dramatic end last week with the final round of fixtures taking place up and down the County. There was plenty to play for at both ends of the table with the black and white Fed team heading towards end of season glory as the red and whites from Durham Johnston were staring down the barrel of relegation once more. There was not going to be a fairy tale ending for our close rivals from the other side of the Browney River as they came crashing down to earth with an enormous bump – yet again. Despair was rife amongst their squad, the manager in disarray and their players looking to out and find new clubs at the end of the season. Will we see them back again in this top league? It may take quite a while for them to rebuild. The Fantastic Fed, however, have finished the season on a roll, sweeping all opponents to one side, a trophy is now within their grasp and the team areĀ in fine form. New signing Steele added some much needed steel to the squad whilst our midfield dynamo Clarke was loaned out to a Dutch team to get some valuable European experience. An 18-12 victory was no more than they deserved and as the fireworks and confetti rained down from above, with one play-off match remaining, you would have to say that, “the only way is up”….!!!!