Fun Filled Feast for Federation Fitness Fanatics

The annual County Durham Sport Workplace Games of 2017 took place at Park View School in Chester le Street with ten teams of highly trained and motivated athletes competing in five different challenges. Firstly Fencing – an event that some of the team had not done since Summer Camp at the age of ten. Engarde and then fight like a pirate for two minutes trying to stab your opponent as many times as possible. A victory for the Fed Team. Next up was the Old School Sports Day – races of egg and spoon, three legged and wheelbarrow plus and an obstacle race. Fantastic technique shown and another victory. The next walk in the park was a game of Softball on the astroturf. Kitted out with gloves. helmets and bats it was strike after strike as the Fed Team batted away the opposition. Dodgeball was the penultimate challenge and this was the only defeat on the night. Plenty of ducking, diving and dodging on the court. Finally the athletic challenges with fast feet and team lunges. As is the case in all these sporting challenges, it doesn’t really matter who wins the trophy at the end of the day! The crowning glory was being awarded certificates for winning the Best Team Morale award.  A great team performance and the team are already in training for next year’s competition. What a day!!

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